Why Blue Jadeitte offers the Best price in Residential Construction

The Independent Housing sector has been the most unstructured segment in the construction industry as individuals are dependent on local contractors or Thekedars to construct their respective homes. In most cases the owner would personally procure material required for construction and hire a local contractor to supply labor and monitor the day-to-day schedules of construction. Building material needed for construction would be bought from nearby dealers and the quantities would be given on general practice thumb rules. The Contractor generally will not be a qualified structural or civil engineer but because of his years of experience in constructing houses, he usually follows a fixed method which he has learnt through experience. The possibility of pilferage is very high as it is extremely difficult for the owner to keep accountability of the building material being consumed in every stage of construction. No Quality Control guidelines are followed as aggregates and mix designs are based on standard ratios being practiced for several years.

Here at Blue Jadeitte, we have made the process easier, transparent, accountable, and cheaper for you. With a team of Architects, Structural Engineers, Individual Civil Engineers for every project & Interior Designers to work on the process of constructing your house, all you need to do is handover your plot of land to us and we design, build, and finish your house on an agreed sum which is clearly mentioned in the agreement. You don’t have to worry about building material procurement, quality of construction, schedule etc. because every detail is predefined and executed accordingly.

Why Blue Jadeitte is cheaper than most in this segment:

  • Optimization of resources
  • Better purchasing as we procure from manufacturers since our quantities are large.
  • Faster construction process which helps us minimize on labor payment outflow.

At Blue Jadeitte our core focus lies in offering the best in quality and cost as we understand that every house built by us is funded by years of savings of our clients.

Note : For Know your Residential construction cost You Can Use our Home construction cost calculator

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