Top 10 Bathroom Designs Ideas

Top 10 Bathroom Designs Ideas  & When done well, this bathroom renovation trend can turn your bathroom into an impactful and special place in your house The best bathroom designs embrace the singular material to create harmony throughout the room and make it feel cohesive, modern, and uniquely yours.

These ten bathrooms showcase some of the best bathroom designs we’ve seen from around the web, so you can get inspired to do something similar in your own home.

1) The classic complete look

It’s the original bathroom look All the walls and floors are the same material, and that material is often either tiled or wood It’s classic but can be a challenge to pull off in a more contemporary home, especially if you don’t have enough space for that dream walk-in closet-style bath.

Plus, if it’s tile or wood, it can end up being quite cold and make your bathroom feel small.

2) Trendy elements

Copper pipes, blue tiles, porcelain, and the bathroom sink These materials have become popular again in recent years for a variety of reasons.

Copper offers a unique look that can set your bathroom apart from others in the house and it’s not so trendy that it will be dated shortly after installation.

Blue tiles are classic and timeless Porcelain is an incredibly smooth surface for any room but is especially useful for bathrooms where cleanliness is extremely important.

3) Repurposed materials

One of the best ways to save money on bathroom remodeling is by repurposing materials.

The floor, the mirror, and even the faucet can be used again after they’ve been used in another part of your house or during the building phase.

Keep an eye out for things like marble that could make a great backsplash or tub material.

Look at what you already have before buying new items.

It might also be worth it to look into other people’s trash before going shopping yourself! Check out the local classifieds or craigslist; there are often people looking to get rid of unwanted items just waiting for someone else to pick them up and put them back into use.

4) Scandi style

One of the most popular bathroom trends to come from the eighties and make a comeback this year is utilizing one material throughout the entire room.

The best way to do so is with a unique style called Scandi design, where everything in the room is wood—the cabinets, walls, sink, and bathtub.

This modern look lends itself well to today’s bathrooms thanks to its clean lines and minimalist approach; it also helps that wooden tubs are easier to clean than fiberglass ones.

5) Bold colors

Bold colors, like the turquoise on the walls pictured above, can have a big impact on your space. They’re also easy to change when you’re ready for something new. Just be sure to use colors that fit well with your bathroom décor style.

And make sure you choose to paint or wallpaper that will stand up well in the damp environment of your bathroom.

Consider using a primer and/or sealer to protect the surface from moisture and mold growth.

If you do go bold, consider using one color throughout the room so it doesn’t feel too busy.

6) Vintage design ideas

The best bathroom designs can be found on Pinterest, Houzz, and magazines.

Though vintage bathroom design ideas may come to mind first when you consider utilizing one material throughout the entire room for your bathroom renovation project, there are many other unique ideas that are just as impactful.

A single material is often used throughout an entire room in these options too, but the concept extends further than just the tub and shower to encompass a larger area of the home.

7) Classic design schemes

The best bathroom designs are usually classic, as they’re tried and true.

This means you can focus on the specific material being used to enhance the design instead of trying something trendy that will quickly go out of style.

New bathroom trends like wallpaper murals are cool, but keep in mind that these are short-lived, so it’s better to stick with simpler materials for your bathroom and save any loud, attention-grabbing design elements for other rooms in your house & Top 10 Bathroom Designs Ideas.

8) Designer inspirations

Five of the Top 10 Best bathroom designs, what inspired them, and how you can apply the same principles to your own bathroom.

These examples range from small and modest all the way up to a palatial master bath in a multi-million dollar property.

The common thread here is that each of these bathrooms has something special about them—these are simple principles you can apply to your own home’s space.

9) Do it yourself ideas

An easy way to customize your bathroom design is by using the same material on your wall, countertop, and floor Tile is the most popular option, but keep in mind that it requires more upkeep than other surfaces like granite.

Whether you’re looking for a classic look or a bold statement piece, there are plenty of great tile options to choose from.

Consider tiling the walls in one solid color for a sleek contemporary style or use contrasting shades of tile for an eclectic touch & Top 10 Bathroom Designs Ideas.

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