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Number of people spend too much on building their houses. But finding a reliable home construction company is actually a challenging phase in everyone’s life with increasing competition. Choosing the right home construction company for building your house needs very critical research, so that it will become much easier for you to build your beautiful dream house. 

Blue Jadeitte– one and only professional home construction company in Noida in the fields like Construction, Interior designing, Civil work and more.

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Blue Jadeitte, a home construction company which is based in Noida, has expertise in the field of all types of civil work such as building, interior design, architecture, landscaping, renovation & remodelling, 3-D designing and much more. Our team members have expertise and are skilled  in this field from three decades and have a long list of projects that were completed successfully on allotted time. If you

are fantasizing about your dream home then Blue Jadiette is the one stop solution for all your needs, where you will find all the major things to build the dream home. Our company is the best home construction company who builds homes in Delhi/NCR. No one is better than Blue Jadeitte. Here we provide end-to-end solutions like from designing to construction and approvals during the whole course of home construction. 

As being a home construction company, we are a one-stop solution for all the services required in building a home. Our professional team members overlook all the stages and aspects of the home construction project from the starting to the ending. We acquired building licences,  chartered structural engineers, architects, interior designers, subcontractors, and others. Also, we will also plan, and inspect your house. 

There are a lot of things which make us different from other ordinary home construction companies for your house. 

Few things are noted here which helps you as a reference for choosing us as your home developers.


We provide absolute quality service within your budget. 

2.) Technology

We implemented the latest technology in the Home construction area.

3.) Company authorization

We have all the valid provisions for building a house so that the construction will not stop halfway due to the legal issue and you too may face trouble.

4.) References or reviews

Reference is a very important part before making any major decision related to your life. You must go to the locations we have completed and speak to the residents and neighbors. You can also check out reviews in Google or other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

5.) Accreditation

We provide clear and detailed information to our clients like office paperworks, work samples, Bills with adequate seal and stamps, Bids of any type must be communicated with you regularly, the contracts which are understandable and well explained etc.


We Maintain constant contact and schedule meetings with our clients, so that this will help them to know the current status of your building work and upcoming things to be done.

7.)Budget estimation

Though you cannot estimate the cost of some materials, we have expert managers who help you to make an approximate budget of the materials required for your home construction.


We provide an outline for exactly what you desire and for that by 3-D visualisation, we will help you to find which will do good for your house. This helps you prevent any kind of dispute at the end of the work.

Blue Jadiette home construction company guarantees you to convert your dreamed home into reality.

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