Build your fantasy home in Delhi/NCR even if you are far away from your home country

Blue Jadeitte, a top Company based in Noida builds custom properties like homes and villas in Delhi NCR. We specialize in Turnkey Projects which encompasses 3d Architecture, Interior Designing & Landscaping, Construction and more. The promoters and core team members of the company have an understanding and expertise of over three decades in the segment of building the homes of your dreams. We have devoted years to Building Homes, Developing Residential plots for our prominent clients both Independent homes or in collaboration with us. We have been acknowledged as a Start-Up company by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade and Certified as an ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001 Company to bring in the desired standards in Designing, Execution, QA & QC and Delivery.

As a home construction company, we are approached by numerous clients who wish to get their homes built in the national capital even though they are based in other locations. With our vast experience in the industry, and as one of the top house builders, we are proud of our crafted services in terms of home construction for NRIs. We, at Blue Jadeitte are passionate about facilitating this worthwhile experience for you at flexible and competitive rates through our integrated expertise and services.

So the question is, how can we help to build your dream home?

Our team will ensure that you get updates on a regular basis on all on-site activities like construction updates, management plans, review of progress on video calls, and meetings with the construction manager. You do not need to enable your physical presence in town for any approval-related work from the local authorities. Our in-house team will do the needful. Blue Jadeitte manages all authorizations and coordination with local authorities for our Non Residential Indians through the impeccable work of a talented and efficient in-house team that holds and manages all operational tasks. We deal with all the challenges related to the submission of designs, approvals of building plans, water and electricity management, coordination with the local government departments, and other such critical tasks that would have differently mandated your existence in town. However, the best home construction company in Delhi, Blue Jadeitte assure you do need not take this stress.

Arnab Ghosh, the owner of the Blue Jadeitte company says, “We aim for every Home Built by us to become and remain a Dream Home for our Clients”.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check the company website If you are an NRI seeking a home construction company in Delhi, look no further. Contact us via [—contact info—], and we will be more than happy to assist you on this home-building journey! and fulfill the dream of creating your ‘sapno ka Ghar with Blue Jadeitte.

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