Blue Jadeitte manifests as the best home construction company in Delhi NCR

Top Quote Blue Jadeitte is a stone that brings PEACE, SERENITY, CREATIVITY, KNOWLEDGE & SPIRITUALITY. All of these Contribute to making it YOUR HOME. End Quote

Home Construction is more a passion for all of us here at Blue Jadeitte. We can be considered one of the best in building your home as we provide you a One Stop Solution. Our team of Architects & Interior Designers sit with you to understand your needs. Your home is designed keeping in mind all aspects of your dream and imagination. We have the Best structural & Civil Engineers who ensure that every aspect of Civil Engineering is taken into consideration to build you a home without seepages, cracks and above all the structure is designed to ensure it is Earthquake Proof. Once your basic Structure is built , our Finishing Experts take over to make sure that from laying tiles to fittings, from electrical to plumbing, from painting to finishes, every detail is looked into, to ensure that we deliver the perfect house, keeping in mind the best in quality and finish.

Blue Jadeitte manifests as the best home construction company in Delhi NCR

What is so different about Blue Jadeitte?
Our edge lies in our holistic approach to building homes. You tell us what your dream is, we will build it for you. Whether it is design or architecture, construction or interior, blue jadeitte bring you a dedicated team made of experts in each domain.

Our Vision
We provide a one stop solution to home building. Every Member of Blue Jadeitte is committed in mind and spirit and driven in their respective areas of work and responsibilities to make this vision a reality.

Our Mission
Best Home construction company blue jadeitte believe that learning never stops. And it is this innovative spirit that we bring into building homes. We take advice and learn from the ones around us to constantly better our homes.

2.Interior Design
3.Home Construction
7.Civil engineering
8.Building Homes

“If dreams are to be believed
Goals need to be set
If goals are to be achieved, planning and focus is the key” Arnab Ghosh


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