Build your home sitting at home with The Best Contractor in home building

You inherited this plot from your family, or bought it years ago as an investment or a few months ago with your hard earned money. And after much thought, you have decided to convert this barren land into a home.

This is where the challenge begins. How does one decide what house fits based on the current trends, location and budget. To top it, how does one bring all the different elements of house building together? Extremely tedious to find the Best Architectural Company, The Best Contractor in Home building, an experienced team for Planning & Sanctions, Structural & Construction Engineering and the Best in Interior Designing. We at Blue Jadeitte have all of them in-house to provide you with an one stop solution.

That’s why you look out for the Best Construction Company near you. Blue Jadeitte a construction company based in Delhi NCR for all your building needs. You just show us your plot of land and we will build you a house that’s best suited to your needs. Why us? We’ve spent years perfecting our knowledge of building homes and then found more people who are experts in different domains of building a house. This is how we formed our team. Not just that, every single person in our team cares about building the perfect home for you.

In short, your dreams are in the hands of experts who are the Best for Home Build Construction in Delhi / NCR.

Now you can be a part of every step of the progress made sitting comfortably in your space by watching your house get built through your mobile phone. Either way, you hand us your plot, and we build it for you.

Are you ready to build? Call us now on +91 80768 50524, visit us at or write to us at

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