10 Best Bathroom Trends That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Best Bathroom Designs  While it might seem like the eighties were light years ago, one of the most popular bathroom trends to come from that era has recently come back with a vengeance & Best Bathroom Designs Best Bathroom Designs

In fact, there are quite a few bathroom trends from the eighties that you can’t afford to miss out on if you want your bathroom to stand out among other homes in your neighborhood. Here are ten of the best bathroom trends from the eighties that we think could be worth incorporating into your remodeling plans this year.

1) Utilizing one material throughout the entire room

One of today’s best bathroom trends is utilizing one material throughout your bathroom. In fact, using one material—like wood or tile—throughout your bathroom can easily transform it into an impactful and special place in your house. While there are many options for achieving a cohesive aesthetic throughout a space, when done well, incorporating one material from wall to floor (and everything in between) will help create a chic look that’s easy on the eyes and Best Bathroom Designs.

2) Modern twists on traditional styles
One of our favorite bathroom design trends is taking modern twists on traditional styles. This can range from a completely clean, crisp, white bathroom with dark fixtures to one that takes white subway tile and combines it with beautiful accents in black. Either way, a little bit of contrast goes a long way! By adding small splashes of color (either through paint or hardware) you can create an atmosphere that’s both relaxing and fun. These little details will also help your bathroom look far more expensive than it really is.

3) Use mirrors for visual impact

Mirrors make a room appear larger and more open. Install them above sinks, in cabinets, or on opposite walls of your bathroom. They also reflect light, which brightens your space and makes it feel more cheerful—great for bathrooms that don’t have windows. Choose mirrors with stylish frames to match your home’s decor, so they don’t become an eyesore when guests use your bathroom &  Best Bathroom Designs

4) Use glass tiles for either flooring or wall tiles

Glass tiles are very popular in modern bathrooms and can be used in a number of ways. Whether your whole floor is covered with glass tiles or they are just incorporated into an accent wall, glass tiles add a stylish touch to any bathroom. If you choose glass flooring, you can opt for either frosted or clear glass tile, giving you many options when it comes to appearance and color.

5) Natural stones used in bathrooms

Natural stones are a popular choice for bathroom flooring, walls, and countertops. Bathrooms are designed around two main water sources: plumbing pipes and electric cables. When picking tiles or stones for your bathroom, keep in mind that different natural stones react differently to water, electricity, and heat so choose wisely based on your specific needs. Here are the 10 best bathroom trends that you cannot afford to miss. Natural stones used in bathrooms: Natural stones are a popular choice for bathroom flooring, walls, and countertops.

6) Granite countertops as part of the décor

Granite is a beautiful material, but you can’t really customize it. When using granite as part of your bathroom remodel, make sure that its color and tone fit in with your overall décor (and not just with other items in your bathroom). This will prevent your new counters from being an afterthought. A good way to make sure you get what you want is by first researching countertops online at sites like Houzz and Pinterest.

7) Use neutral colors like grays and whites to give continuity with your tile scheme

Even if you don’t go with a neutral color scheme for your bathroom, it’s helpful to know what colors will go with which materials.

This way, if you decide to break out of your initial plan, at least you’ll have an idea of what other options you can choose from. For example, light grays and whites work well with marble tile while earthy shades like tans and browns blend nicely with ceramic tile.

8) Marble statues, vases, or flowers within the interior design scheme are always a good choice

These elements will add a certain elegance and refined look to your bathroom.

Marble statues in particular are often placed in bathrooms, as these materials are easy to maintain and durable for everyday use.

More, marble is a perfect choice for bathroom interior design ideas because it doesn’t absorb moisture, which makes these statues less susceptible to damage from water or humidity & Best Bathroom Designs.

9) Glass shower enclosures can create stunning bathing areas for you

Glass shower enclosures can create stunning bathing areas for you. When looking for a new tub or shower enclosure, make sure it’s made with glass that is impact-resistant and tempered.

This type of glass has a much higher resistance than normal glass, as well as increased strength. Tempered glass is perfect for shower enclosures because they are subjected to wet conditions, which causes high heat and stress on other types of glazing materials.

10) Recessed lighting is always a good option

Installing recessed lighting in your bathroom not only adds light but can also improve your space and give it a clean, sophisticated look.

This is particularly true if you choose an energy-efficient LED bulb. Bathrooms aren’t often brightly lit spaces, so adding extra light helps add brightness without having an obnoxious glare while showering or getting ready Best Bathroom Designs

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